Receiving a Call to Serve

1 Jul

I want to explain what it feels like to receive a mission call. People often ask me if I got to choose where I went. I didn’t. As missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we put in our papers and see where God calls us to go.

The paperwork is given to the Church leadership and they distribute calls according to the dictation of the Spirit of the Lord. There’s a really great article about this process right here.

People often seem incredulous, when I tell them that I go anywhere the leadership chooses to send me. But the best way to answer that is to explain that the call doesn’t come from the earthly leadership of the Church; they are just the messengers. The call comes from Jesus Christ, whose gospel this is, and from God, who desires all men to hear the gospel and to return to Him.

As I was waiting to hear where I would be called to go, I prayed a lot that wherever the letter told me to go, I would know that it was right. And when I opened my call and finally knew, my prayer was answered. I felt good about the place and I felt good about my decision. And this may sound trivial and slightly silly, but I felt a correctness in the way that my name sat on the paper next to the name of my mission.

I’ve had my doubts, believe me. The adversary (a nice way of referring to Satan, the father of all lies) has whispered many doubts to me. But as I continue in prayer and continue in the work, I can ignore and move past those doubts. I feel happiness in my calling. I see how this place fits me and is changing me for the better and I’m looking for ways that I can change this place as well.


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