The Hill Cumorah Pageant

20 Jul

Wow. It’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve been working full-time at the Church historical sites for Pageant.

Every year about this time the Church hosts the Hill Cumorah Pageant! (Warning: this link has loud music.) About 700 volunteers make up the cast and every night there is seating for about 9,000. All the historical sites get a lot of traffic during this time because people are coming from all over to see the pageant and visit the sites. So I’ve been working a lot, giving tours of the sites.

I also got to see Pageant four times! Because I’m just that lucky. Honestly, I’m not a pageant- or play-lover generally. I was excited to see it, but I was sort of thinking it would be cheesy. But I was really impressed by it. It was so well done!

They covered some of the main stories from the Book of Mormon. My favorite part is when Christ comes to the Americas. It is so powerful to see that destruction scene, as people witness the signs of Christ’s death halfway around the world, and then to see Christ come and share with them the gospel. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ. I have gained from this book a strong testimony of my Redeemer and it is through the teachings of the Book of Mormon prophets that I have learned about the Atonement. If there is anyone who has been given a Book of Mormon but for some reason or another has yet to read it, I strongly suggest that you get on it!  And if you want to learn about God’s love for you, read 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes. He truly knows each of us and shares with us the things we need to know to return to live with him!


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