A Day in the Life of a Missionary

17 Aug

When I hand out business cards or invite people to look at my blog, I always say something like “it’s about what I do as a missionary and what we believe as a Church” (hence my new site description). But I just realized that lately everything I’ve posted has been very much what we believe as a Church and not much about what I do as a missionary. So I thought I’d take you through a day in the life…

Sunday August 15, 2010

I got up at 6:30 AM. Mission rules. Believe me, I am not a morning person and would not get up so early if I didn’t want to be obedient.

I went running with another missionary–we’re not allowed to be on our own for safety and accountability reasons. We did about a mile and it almost killed me. It always almost kills me. When we got back I showered and got ready for the day.

By 8 AM I was eating breakfast and reading the Book of Mormon. We study on our own from 8 to 9, then from 9 to 10 we study with our companions.

Two hours of gospel study later, we began our work. Usually we’re out the door around 10 AM, Sunday we stayed in and prepared some activities and sign-ups for Church.

11:30 was Church. Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, and Relief Society.

2:30 was Ward Correlation. We met with the ward mission leader and the other missionaries who attend our ward (ward =┬álocal congregation) and talked about the people we’ve been teaching and how we can all get to know and help them better.

3:30 we had an early dinner appointment with a family in the ward. They were wonderful to us and fed us deliciousness. We shared a spiritual thought involving sugar cookies (which I made myself, which is why they were a little dark on bottom–but still delicious!)

6 PM we were half an hour early for a meeting with the Mission President and all of us missionaries who are assigned to work online. We thought the meeting started at 6, but it really started at 6:30. Oops. It was a really good meeting, though. We got a big spiritual boost from the visiting General Authority, a member of the 70.

We got home just a little after 9 PM, which is our curfew. We planned out the next day, I wrote in my journal, we played a quick hand of Monopoly Deal, and went to bed at 10:30 PM.

So that was my day.


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