A Thanksgiving Feast

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! This post is my Thanksgiving tribute to the things that have made life as sweet as candied yams. And it’s all going to be poetically compared to a thanksgiving feast. So if you’re sensitive to bad analogies, please turn away now.

My family comes first, of course. My family members, and especially my parents, are the stuffing for the Thanksgiving dinner. They humbly believe that they are just one of the many parts to the meal, but everybody knows the stuffing is the best part.

This mission I’m serving is the mashed potatoes. I didn’t think it was really for me at first (I was a really picky eater when I was little), and there seemed to be so many other dishes to enjoy, but of course it has turned out to be the basis for the whole meal, it ties everything together and enriches the plate. And now that I have that, everything else gets smothered in gravy …

… Which gravy is happiness, given from above, and covers every aspect of my life when I let it. Sometimes we want to keep something on our plate free from the Lord’s happiness, thinking that there is another kind of happiness. But everything is better with gravy.

Gospel learning is the corn.  It is a collection of lessons harvested from prophets and teachers. It comes in tiny kernels which are individually delicious, and gets compiled into one fantastic heap that I honestly couldn’t do without.

My friends are the pies. You can try to fill up on everything else, but you know that something even sweeter will come out of the fridge, and you’ll always have room for it. And you’ll wonder how you could ever do without it.

And the gospel of Jesus Christ (if it’s not sacrilegious to compare it this way) is the turkey. It is the center, the purpose and meaning, and the fulfillment of everything else on the table. And it is endless.

This analogy is terrible, I know. And I’ve probably offended everyone I love. But if you don’t want to be what I assigned you to be, you can be a roll. Because I truly love rolls and I eat enough of them to cover everyone who wants to switch.

For a real Thanksgiving message that won’t make your brain hurt and your eyes roll, watch this video. President Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet of God who can help us follow in the gospel path and find real gravy … I mean, happiness.


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