Small Enough

10 Dec

As a missionary, I’ve been exposed to some music I hadn’t known before I came out here. In other words, I’ve been listening to a lot more religious music than I ever had before.

I was listening the other day to a song called “Small Enough”. The opening line says

Oh, Great God, be small enough to hear me now.

It really struck me.

With all of the snow we’ve had in New York these last several days, there are huge snow banks piling up by the sides of the road. I keep looking at those and marveling at how many individual flakes it would take to make that enormous pile. And I think about how many people have lived on the Earth — how many children our Heavenly Father has. There are almost 7 billion people on the earth now, plus our parents, plus their parents, plus their parents … It’s endless. Like individual snowflakes, we pile into an enormous mountain of souls who have lived and will live.

With all of these children, can our Heavenly Father really have the time and the attention to give to us, individually? Can we really have a personal relationship with a God so great?

It boggles my mind, but we can. I have prayed with my silly little needs, expressing my simple thoughts and my small concerns. And He has heard me. And He has taken the time to answer me, to commune with me when I reached out to Him.

His omniscience is beyond my comprehension. But it allows for me to have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. He can look at a 10 foot snow bank and see the beauty of each individual flake. The greatness of our God does not take Him from us. His greatness is His love for each of us.


One Response to “Small Enough”

  1. zo-ma-rah December 13, 2010 at 3:33 am #

    Moses 7:30

    And were it possible that man could number the particles of the earth, yea, millions of earths like this, it would not be a beginning to the number of thy creations; and thy curtains are stretched out still; and yet thou art there, and thy bosom is there; and also thou art just; thou art merciful and kind forever;

    I think it s really amazing. God has the ability of loving every single person individually. We are all His children and he can love us all.I think this is mirrored in our relationships. A person can love more than just one of their children. As children of God we too must develop His attributes.

    I find it ridiculous that our laws, culture, and traditions all tell us that we are only capable of loving one person. Yet our nature as children of God tells us we should naturally love more than just one person.

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