Healing from the Inside Out

28 Jan

On Saturday, January 22, our mission president gave a fireside meeting for anyone in the area who was interested in attending. The theme was “Christ can heal you”. I had a wonderful experience attending, and a lot of the members of the local congregation brought friends and neighbors. It really was great to see people of different faiths coming together in a belief in the healing power of Jesus Christ.

President Christianson told one of my favorite of his stories. It can be found on his CD, “Healing the Wounded Soul”, which is where I first heard it.

President Christianson loves dogs. He trains them and loves hunting with them. And one of his dogs, Sassy Cassie, was just a marvel. She obeyed every command with exactness. She responded perfectly to nothing more than a whistle or gesture. So, of course, President Christianson talked her up a lot to anyone who would listen. Eventually all these people wanted to see for themselves, so Cassie was taken out to show her off. Early on, she ran into a ditch to retrieve an object, and came back a little slowly. After that, she just wouldn’t obey. President Christianson would gesture, he would whistle, but she wouldn’t go. She wouldn’t leave his side. Naturally this made him a little frustrated, with all his friends and family looking on, to whom he had talked up this dog for weeks.

Eventually, President Christianson gave up, and took his dog home. To his increasing frustration, she wouldn’t even jump up into the truck. He had to lift her in. When they got home, he rubbed her down to check for ticks or burs, and was surprised that his hand came back wet. Sassy Cassie was covered in blood from a gash in her neck that went right down to the bone. In that first ditch, she had run into some barbed wire.

And then it hit him. Cassie was not being disobedient because she didn’t love her master, she was being disobedient because she was hurt. She was in pain and she was confused. She couldn’t do the work, she couldn’t face the trials. He took her right to a vet to get her better, but the vet told him something that really struck him. He said that the best thing to do was to let her take it easy for a while, and let her lick her wounds. A dog’s saliva has antibiotics in it, and that would clean the wound. And for a while it would look like the wound wasn’t getting better, but in reality it would be healing from the inside out. And eventually it would close over so that it wasn’t even visible anymore.

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This story has personal application to each of us. We all do things in this life that we aren’t proud of. We disobey the Master, our Heavenly Father who has given commandments to protect and teach us. We make mistakes. But to correct those mistakes, we have to let ourselves heal from the inside out. We have to let the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ work like an antibiotic, cleaning out our mistakes and foibles. And it won’t get better right away. It may even seem like nothing is changing. But with patience and faith, we can heal from the inside out. We can come to the point where we know who we are, we know our Master, and we want to serve him again. We can change, and become the marvelous children our Father knows us to be, of whom he is so proud.


3 Responses to “Healing from the Inside Out”

  1. Sheryl January 28, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    I also love this talk and President Christianson’s message. My favorite concept in his true-story dog analogy is that the dog would not obey because she was hurt. President Christianson explains that we are disobedient to God’s commands because we are wounded. If we come unto Christ, and let Him heal our wounded souls, we will become increasingly able to follow His commands. When we let Him heal us, from the inside, our “outside” also becomes stronger, and like you explained, all evidence of that wound will disappear. We can become whole and be who we were created to be!

  2. Deb February 1, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    What a wonderful message it was Sis. Meaders. I was hanging on every word Pres. Christianson was saying, especially when he was telling us this story about his beloved dog. It so relates to us as God’s children and how we too are wounded and disobedient, yet with Christ we can be made whole and healed. I must constantly rely on our Savior for healing and know that I will for all the days of my life….the wounds inside are often the most painful while also the least noticeable to those around us. This is why it is so vital for all of us to have daily communication with our Father in Heaven who can heal us through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who has already felt the pain and suffering of each of us…even the wounds inside. Thanks for sharing this here…I will probably be back again to read it from time to time so thank you! We are so happy we have had the chance to know and love you as a missionary of the Lyons Ward! :o)

  3. Tristan February 1, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

    This message brings to mind the very special exhibition held last winter at the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center of Angela Johnson’s bronze sculptures entitled The Healing Power of Jesus Christ. To walk among those majestic three-dimensional images of Christ performing his healing miracles was a deeply moving experience and one I shall never forget. There is a short article about the exhibit, including a nice video and music at http://www.tbsunrise.com/?p=1074 .

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