The Secrets of the Mormon Church

28 Jul

I am about to reveal the 5 great secrets practiced and followed by all the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were revealed a little over a year ago by a General Authority of the Church, in a meeting which I was privileged to attend:

Secret #1. Pray every single day.

Secret #2. Read from the scriptures every single day.

Secret #3. Hold a Family Home Evening every single week.

Secret #4. Attend the temple as often as possible.

Secret #5. Always pay a full and honest tithe.

Okay, okay. These aren’t exactly secrets. But when the speaker we were listening to in that church meeting said he was going to reveal the secrets of the leaders of the Church and then listed off those things, I was as surprised as you probably are now.

But then, none of us are really surprised, are we? These are the things we are taught to do from the scriptures and in church lessons. And we are promised in the scriptures that they will bring us great strength and joy. Success and happiness follow these regular, consistent actions:

    • Prayer and scripture study open the doors of communication with our Heavenly Father, so that we can receive His guidance and His love.
    • Spending quality time each week with our families fosters love and peace in the home, strengthening the eternal relationships of families.
    • Attending the temple often is an opportunity for members of the Church to receive greater learning by the power of the Holy Ghost, within the sacred walls of the House of the Lord.
    • And paying a full and honest tithe unlocks the blessings found in Malachi 3: 10-12.

    Following these principles has blessed the lives of the church leaders. They have developed great faith and they are able to tell us, with the knowledge of their own experience backing them up, that this is the right path. The secret to success is found in these simple actions.

I promised myself again, the day that I heard these secrets, to live them. I know that they will bless my life.


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