Gospel Art

“I know that Jesus is the Christ.” That one sentence says so much! It says that Jesus atoned for my sins, that he, in the Garden of Gethsemane suffered for every mistake that I make. It says that he cared enough for me to die for me. It says that his death was not the end of his mission, for he still is. He lives, and in that lies the hope of my immortality and eternal life. It says that I know these things. My faith isn’t perfect, but I work on it every day. And I can truly say that from my own life and my own experiences, I know this to be true.




I don’t have the privilege of sitting at the feet of the Savior and learning of his gospel and his sacrifice from his own lips. But when I read the scriptures, I read his teachings. I can feel the Spirit confirm to me that the gospel is for my life, that his Atonement can cleanse me, and that he knows my needs personally. 



The story of Joseph Smith’s vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ can seem crazy — bold and arrogant. I’m well aware of that. But I also know that it’s true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. I know that the work that he did was the work of the Lord. I know that because I prayed and asked God myself, and I was answered by the peace and joy of the Holy Ghost. I have read the Book of Mormon and I know that it is beyond the abilities of one young man who grew up as a farmer. The Book of Mormon brings me closer to my Savior.


In the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family were guided through the wilderness by the Lord. I know that the Lord prepares guidance for us, through the scriptures, through modern prophets, and through our own connection to the Spirit. I have felt its guidance bless my life again and again.


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